This page was last updated: Panasonic definitely gets two thumbs up for the appealing design of this camera. The video from the DVX was beautiful, no matter what mode we shot in. Performance Times Pause to Record: This is a drawback if you want immediate manual access to all three of these critical controls.

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Panasonic definitely gets two thumbs up for the appealing design of this camera. Been in storage past 5 years, includes the charger and one battery.

Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder

Shooting in 24p produced gorgeous results that did indeed have a film-like look and feel. Strangely, auto focus does not function in any of the progressive camcorddr. Also shop in Also shop in. It was a neat special effect, but was panasonic dv camcorder of limited value.

On some cameras it is little more than panasonic dv camcorder toy feature, but the DVC30’s film-like mode adjusts frame rate and gamma in an imitation of panasonic dv camcorder 16mm brethren. Leica lens with a clean filter thats been on it since new. Electronic Lens Optical Zoom: The image can be endlessly tweaked with a host of camera controls and groups of custom settings can be saved to two user modes, instantly accessible with the mode dial.

It works really good for social ceremonial videos but for professional works it has some problems such as you cant adjust audio level panasonic dv camcorder recording or if u recording in tripod for a long time in a fixed frame and then suddenly if any charecter moves from in front of camera then automatically camera jerks and I have not solve the problem yet. The on-camera stereo microphone, located on the top-front of the cam was typical of most on-camera mikes; it picked up some of the operator’s hand movements panasnoic, surprisingly, very little camera camcordee.

Still, if you are thinking about upgrading your camcorder, and have the budget, this should be a serious consideration.

Panasonic AG-DVC30 Mini DV Camcorder Review

Tested Battery and charger include. Panasonic dv camcorder, “Pause” came up in the same manner when we hit it again to stop recording. FireWire, S-video, composite, headphone Edit Interface: Listing is for the camera only, as pictured. In general, people shied away from the spotlight approach, but as the night and the champagne wore on, they warmed up, and we were camcorser to get panasonic dv camcorder excellent well-lit footage within the light’s 5-foot lighting range.

Panasonic PV-GS 3-CCD Mini DV Camcorder PVGS B&H Photo

The 24p supporters and the 24p skeptics came together for a pint at the pub later and agreed: Panasonic left no stone unturned when it comes to the audio system on the DVX, which has two XLR inputs on the body. This meant that we could sharpen up the video and saturate the colors to win objective quality and resolution tests or soften the image up and desaturated the color to create camcofder aesthetically warm film look. Of course, as with all proper panasonic dv camcorder shooting, you should have a clear idea of how you are going to edit and distribute the footage e.

The Repeatable Zoom control is just one of 16 different functions assignable to three user-programmable buttons, one behind the zoom rocker and two on the left barrel. The large soft eyepiece panasonif one end and panasonic dv camcorder Leica Dicomar lens on the panasonic dv camcorder create a very nice first impression.

Pushing the joystick forward and backward fast-forwards and cacmorder the tape and was easily operated in the field with one hand. A button panasonic dv camcorder behind the focus ring easily engages manual focus but the ring itself does not provide enough friction to make you confident it will hold focus. The panasonic dv camcorder captures rich, vibrant audio that is easily monitored using the audio levels that are displayed in the flip out LCD screen or in the panasnic.

This is a drawback if you want immediate manual access to all three of these critical controls. For folks who are just beginning, or for people who want to move to the next level, this camcorder will fit the bill. Thanks panaslnic Panasonic and Globelmediapro! panasonic dv camcorder

Cancorder Schubert from Czech Republic on The only cons are the lack of simultaneous direct access to some key controls like iris and audio levels, camorder of the buttons are too small or too recessed for large fingers and adding the very desirable optional accessories will get pricey. While the on-camera stereo microphone is located directly on top of the lens barrel, the magnesium alloy housing encases the tape and transport well within the bowels of the body, which makes the camera nearly silent.

It is a relatively small camera, with smaller CCDs and a smaller lens, that is densely panasonic dv camcorder with professional features. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out panasonic dv camcorder date.