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Nikon D For Dummies Cheat Sheet – dummies

Although bokeh is actually a characteristic of a photograph, the lens used determines the shape and size of the visible bokeh. Think of each photo like cake.

It kind of reminded me of dating.

I’m super stoked to announce the availability of 4 new cheat card sets for the D At the end of your story, be sure to add two nikon d3100 tips and tricks pdf download If you’re on flickr, feel free to add me as a contact I’ll add aand back: In the next few weeks, I’ll be rolling out additional packs for other popular Nikon lenses mounted to the D Today, I officially joined Instagram.

Nikon D Tips for Beginners added 2 new photos. Sharing it with others 3.

Nikon D How To’s, Tutorials & Advice

In case you missed the announcement, I’m posting everything on my new Facebook page here: I ran outside and did a quick photo shoot with my boys before school.

Let me know if you guys like downllad sort of thing.

Morning Photo Shoot with the 3 Mooseketeers. I hope you have a joyous Merry Christmas, filled with laughter and memories that last a lifetime.

This image was created using HDR techniques and shows bokeh in the background. I show you the settings I used, along with some secret and hidden features that can help you in certain landscape type situations.

So if you’re trying to improve the look of your photos, start with the light, then work on nikon d3100 tips and tricks pdf download composition, then master the settings. In this episode of “Shoot from the Hip,” my behind-the-scenes photography vlog, I’ll give you some tips for taking pictures of tiny things using an extension tube, how to stage a flower trcks in nature using bark and a trick for making portraits stand out against a busy background.

Nikon D3100 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If this is something you enjoy, please let me know by To encourage the clicking and camaraderie, each month I’ll announce a new photo challenge and winners will be chosen by the following criteria: Your contributions towards others liking, commenting, etc. Follow my Facebook page and my YouTube channel to see the latest videos as they are released and to be notified when I post tutorials for the D The more shallow the depth-of-field, or further the background is, the more out-of-focus it will be.

It means the world to me. Are any of you gals nikon d3100 tips and tricks pdf download gents on Flickr? After posting your photo, search Instagram for the following hashtags startingtoclick STCspring to see posts and interact with other people in the community.

If you like this video, be sure to mosey on over to my new Facebook page for more: I just finished my guide which gives you a firsthand look at my process for shooting landscapes with the Nikon D If you’re not on Instagram, and would rather post to Facebook, you can submit your photo in the comments below.

You can see them all here: So without further ado, I present: I wanted to quickly show you some of the photos that have been submitte Use the hashtag STClove on Instagram to enter.

Winners will be chosen on May 31st based on the effort you put into your photos, the meaning or story behind each image and your contributions to the nikon d3100 tips and tricks pdf download likes and comments you give towards others.

If you’re ready to jump in, download the Instagram app, follow the community startingtoclick https: We were just planning to head to the park, but trucks I thought it would be fun to get him his firs You can find out more about the community and the challenges by watching this video here https: In addition to the new sets, Nikon d3100 tips and tricks pdf download also revised and added more cheat cards to the original Nikon D and mm lens set.