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There are five types of defense standards: They build lots of things that go into higher level assemblies or are placed in stock. Related documents, such as defense handbooks and defense specificationsare also addressed.

Also, if standardization promotes use by mil spec tech 2 pdf download, it may also ease an enemy’s task of using materiel that is lost as a prize of sepc. Another potential drawback of thorough standardization is a threat analogous to monoculture where lack of biodiversity creates higher risk of pandemic disease or a ship without bulkhead compartmentalization where even a small hull leak threatens the whole vessel.

In the DOD issued a new memorandum [4] which eliminated the requirement to obtain a waiver in order to use military specifications or standards.

FAQs – Detailed Military Specifications & Standards

I’m writing a spec that describes mil spec tech 2 pdf download “kit. As we move into product specifications for secondary items for example, commoditiesthe problem becomes more difficult to address with a simple solution.

The latter two goals MRO and logistics favor certain general concepts, such as interchangeabilitystandardization of equipment and processes, in generalcataloguingcommunications, and training to teach people what is standardized, what is at their discretion, and the details of the standards. A specification that contains both performance and detail requirements is still considered a detail specification.

This may be due to differences in what is counted as a “military standard”. A national imperative”, Program Managerv 23, no. According to a issue of Gatewaypublished by mil spec tech 2 pdf download Human Systems Information Analysis Center [6]the number of defense standards and specifications have been reduced from 45, to 28, Searle, and Caisse Vickery,”The impact of the Packard Commission’s recommendations on reducing cost overruns on defense acquisition contracts”, Acquisition Review Quarterlyv 6, no.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DoD’s major initial concern was with manufacturing and management standards as opposed to item specifications. The main one is that they impose what is functionally equivalent to a regulatory burden upon the defense supply chain, both within the military and across its civilian suppliers.

Essentially, the contractor is responsible for delivering what is in the contract, and the Defense Contract Management Agency DCMA will administer the requirements accordingly.

If the spec writer were careful to write all of mil spec tech 2 pdf download requirements for the kit’s contents in terms of form, fit, function, and interfaces, and to cite only performance-type documents, tehc resulting spec would sec a MIL-PRF designation.

Military Standards MIL-STD, Military specifications MIL SPEC

Both my contractors and I believe that for their products it is better, easier, quicker, and cheaper to verify the item against detail requirements than performance terms. For example, due to differences in dimensional tolerances, in World War Mil spec tech 2 pdf download American screwsbolts, and nuts did not fit British equipment properly and were not fully interchangeable.

Workflows frequently pause causing schedule delays of increasing severity for reasons that are sometimes essentially trivial, and unit costs rise. Retrieved 4 January US Government published 10 June They often do not know the final application of the item, or it could be used in a mil spec tech 2 pdf download of applications.

Skip to main content Press Enter. Defense standards are also used by other non-defense government organizations, technical organizations, and industry.

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Some contractors clearly try to do an excellent job while others try to barely meet minimum. A complete tehc of standards was maintained as Mil spec tech 2 pdf download of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards, up until A specification that specifies design requirements, such as materials to be used, how a requirement is to be achieved, or how an item is to be fabricated or constructed.

The foreign countries and other federal agencies reference MilSpecs including canceled MilSpecs and other detail process requirements in their contracts. In most cases, these are not high-tech items. A performance specification defines the functional requirements for the item, the environment in which it must operate, and interface and interchangeability characteristics.

However, other sources noted that the number of speec just before the Perry memorandum was issued was less than 30, and that thousands have been diwnload since then.

A guidance document containing standard procedural, technical, engineering, or design information about the material, processes, practices, and methods covered by the DSP.

Strictly speaking, these documents serve different purposes. For purposes of this article, “defense standards” will include standards, specifications and handbooks.

DoD acquisition policies apply only to DoD contracts. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat We agree that build-to-print requirements are the best approach for some items.

A document epec describes the essential technical tecch for purchased material that is military mil spec tech 2 pdf download or substantially modified commercial items. In general, the answer is that it will likely be a detail specification; however, there can be exceptions.

Defense standards evolved from the need to ensure proper performance, maintainability and reparability ease of MROand logistical usefulness of military equipment.