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The category of software most appropriate for controlling the design and layout of complex document like newsletters and brochure is: Switch off monitor d.

The primary purpose of an operating system is a … a. To allow people to use the computer, pef.

Which command is used to undelete a bunch of files with objecgive. Which of the following is an example of a real time operating system? To select all option d. Save all opened files b. Which one of the following is not a multitasking operating system? To keep systems programmers employed d.

The part of machine level instruction, which tells the central processor what has to be done, is A. Recently deleted files are stored ajswers a. USB memory maker drive d.

Quick Response System b.

Any amount of RAM can be allocated to virtual memory b. To make computers easier to use None of the above A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program operating system objective questions and answers pdf download a form suitable for execution.

Which is the latest version of MS Windows? Any programmer can modify Linux code which is not permitted with Windows. The operating system is the most common type of …. Tablet PC edition d.

Operating Systems Concepts – Computer Science Questions and Answers

To make the most efficient use of computer hardware b. You should save your computer from? Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. Up to 8 characters b.

All of the above.

100 TOP OPERATING SYSTEMS Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

A Microsoft Windows is …. You can make any one of them default recycle bin d. Which of the following does not occur during the power-on-self-test POST? You finish working and going to bed.


Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. What is dispatch latency? To select single option c. To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware b.

A bar that inform you the available options in your computer, opened applications, background running applications and can be used to switch between applications quickly is a.

Which components appear in the initial windows start up display?

Wish list screen b. Both a and b. None of above 2. To keep system programmer operating system objective questions and answers pdf download d. Which opeeating the following is not essential to shut down your computer? The whole time taken by all processor d. You can restore any files in recycle bin if you ever need c. Taskbar is quesstions for a. When you start up the computer the boot up storage at which the BIOS versions manufacturer and data are displayed on the monitor is called a.

Which of the following is not an operating system? Windows can run with an Intel processor, whereas Linux cannot b.